Online Image Critiques

The PPOC believes that it is important to maintain an interaction with its members to discuss how their work relates to this full range of saleable professional imagery. Having a membership that fully understands how to recognize what is a professional saleable image baseline is better for all professional photographers. Understanding the criteria that separates the levels below will strengthen a member’s creative vision and PPOC’s image merit system. We are an association of working photographers with a goal of improving the craft of individuals and maintaining professionalism in the industry.

We believe this service to be a great tool to all members of the PPOC at all levels:

  • to those wanting to reflect their work against the mainstream professional benchmarks of PPOC imaging standards
  • to those working towards maintaining a level of good saleable imagery
  • to developing of member’s own skills of self-critique for everyday work

PPOC has a goal to maintain a high level of expertise in creating images for our clients. To help us all reach a high level, PPOC has a standard scale of image achievement:

  • Not salable on a professional level (reshoot)
  • Salable professional Image
  • Above average Professional image (accreditation level)
  • Accepted to Print Show ( an exceptional image)
  • Image of Merit (in the print show)
  • Image of Excellence (in the Print show)

The Online Critique is to present an opportunity where over a period of a few weeks a submission may be reviewed anonymously online by many qualified judges, often more than 10. From the input a report is published and distributed to the maker and a Critique Moderator (Judge). The only qualified judge that knows the maker is the Critique Moderator (judge). The Critique Moderator is available to discuss the outcome with you.

The submission process for an image critique is similar to the submission process for image accreditation. Access to the online services is for members only. You must sign  you’re your PPOC account.


If you want to understand where in the photographic industry your images stand give the image critique a try.  

Along with the images, you are requested to submit a text file listing the markets to which the images would be sold (suggest you review accreditation categories). You are free to write an introduction to the image submission if they wish. Your text will be the introduction the Judges receive and a starting point with the conversation with the moderator.


Rob Salmon, F/PPABC, MPA, SPA
Online Critique Committee Chair

Cell or Text   604-539-1511