PPOC-BC / Image Critiques


The BC Region believes that it is important to re-establish interaction with its members to discuss how their work relates to the full range of saleable professional imagery. Having a membership that fully understands how to recognize what is a professional saleable image baseline is better for us all. Having a member that understands the criteria that separates a saleable image, an above average image and an exceptional image will add clarity to creative vision and the image merit system.

Having member formally engage in critiques of their own work is a powerful educational experience.

Launching an online critique service.

This program will be PPOC image evaluation 101, a conversation with the maker about their finished work and how it is presented. It will be available to all BC members. Promotional focus will be to the new members requiring accreditations and those not entering the regional salon.

The Program:

  •  Be in addition to image critiques held by branches, regional seminars and nation events
  •  Using an online survey service
  •  Accept random subject matter
  •  Up to 10 images
  •  Critique based the question – As a professionally produced salable image, it is believed to be:
    •  Below Average
    •  Average
    •  Above Average (Accreditation level)
    •  Exceptional (Salon Level)
  •  Reviewed by BC Judges
  •  Comments to be collected from the judges
  •  Consultation with maker by a BC National judge with good experience.
  •  Service will not be available for the 5 weeks prior to each quarterly Accreditation deadline

Submission is easy and follows the same file prep as the Pre-Accreditation review

The Critique digital files shall be:
• sized to no larger than 1200 pixels wide x 800 pixels high
• (vertical images will be only 800 pixels high)
• viewed on a horizontal display only
• saved to approximately #8 (of 12) or 70% compression JPEG
• Adobe RGB1998, sRGB or ProPhoto profile
• named in a two digit sequence as 01.jpg, 02.jpg…. 10.jpg
• compile the 10 images into a zip file (only)
• Zip file is named     Makers Name critique.zip ( J Doe critique.zip )

Email submission to critique@ppoc-bc.ca


Rob Salmon, f/PPABC, MPA, SPA
Critique Program Committee Chair

Ivan Yastrebov
Program Critique Publisher