PPOC-BC Board Election Info 2017

General Election Information

The BC Region moved its elections to cycle with the PPOC national elections at the request of PPOC starting for June 1st 2016. We continue to elect approximately half the regional board each year for a two year term. By doing this we continue the tradition of retaining at least half of the current experienced members each year.

Our BC Regional Board consists of:7 Regional Directors (elected by regional members)

  • 7 Regional Directors (elected by regional members)
  • The Regional Past Chair (by appointment)
  • The BC Director for PPOC (elected by BC Region for the national board)  
  • 4 Branch Chairs (elected locally from each branch)

From the election for 2016 we have 4 BC Regional directors which have their term end this year and wish to stand again for reelection

  • Renee Charboneau
  • Larry Scherban
  • Kent Wong f/PPABC, MPA SPA
  • Andrew Simpson f/PPABC, MPA, SPA


From last year’s election, for the 2016-7 term we have had 2 resignations leaving one director with a year left in her term

  • Tracey Harper F/PPOC-BC, MPA - until 2018

The BC Director to the National Board has one year left in her term

  • Rima Dickson MPA  - The National Director for BC - until 2018


For the 2017 Regional Board Elections we have 6 positions open:

  • 4 - two year terms
  • 2 - one year terms


BC Region Branches:

Branch committee elections are held at local branch events. The BC Region recommends a two year term for all Branch committees and expects the branches to hold elections as required to fill open positions and report the Branch committee roster to the BC Board by the end of May each year. If you wish to serve on a branch committee please contact your Current Branch Chair.


Regional and Branch Chairs are expected to fill any position vacated before its term is complete by appointing a member at large. Positions filled by appointment are up for election at the next annual election season.  

Rob Salmon f/PPABC, MPA, SPA     604-539-1511

BC Regional Elections Chair 2017